MAGMA Exploration Services Section (MEX)

MEX as independent part of a MAGMA energy group has a high level geophysical consultancy providing product and services to the upstream oil and gas industry.Our team includes professional geophysicists and geologists who are completely familiar with seismic data interpretation & reservoir characterization concepts and relevant software. We use advanced rock physics methods combined with sophisticated geologic models to deliver robust and reliable predictions of reservoir geometries and properties to our customers.Our activities have been expanded in all aspects of 2D & 3D seismic data Structural & Stratigraphic Interpretation, Seismic Reservoir Characterization, AVO analysis, Acoustic and Elastic Impedance Inversion and other techniques related to Quantitative Seismic Interpretation such as Attribute Analysis and Neural Network (land, marine and OBC)

What we offer our clients:
     - Seismic Data Acquisition Design
     - Seismic Data Processing
     - Data Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization

The more accurate structural interpretation and bulk volume calculation based on:
      Acceptable synthetic seismogram generation
      High quality of fault interpretation and fracture study
      Depth conversion using the best velocity model

Quantitative & Qualitative Reservoir Characterization are included following issues:
      Seismic post stack inversion (AI) to extract Acoustic Impedance and Porosity quantities
      Seismic pre stack inversion (AVO modeling and Lambda-Mu-Rho Analysis) to predict the lithology and fluid content of rock
      Evaluation of volume attributes on lateral litho facies changes and fault illustration
      Evaluation of surface attributes on fluid properties changes
      Ant tracking to detect discontinuities and faults
      Geo-body interpretation to illuminate build up feature
      Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy Interpretation to detect system tracts (LST,TST, HST)
      Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (Bright spot, Dim spot & Gas chimney investigation)
      Training of Neural Network estimation and classification based on supervised and unsupervised data to analyze seismic facies
      Geophysical Data Quality Control

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