Sabalan Geothermal Field

The Mt. Sabalan volcano has been produced by magmatism which has resulted from over-thickening of the crust due to the under thrusting of the regional tectonic plates.  In 2005 the Iranian Ministry of Energy - through the Iran Renewable Energy Organisation (SUNA) – decided to erect the first Iranian Geothermal Power Plant on the Sabalan Mountain in the Ardabil Province near Meshkinshahr. In preparation of this project Iranian authorities have successfully completed exploratory surface studies followed by drilling explorations including three deep exploratory wells and two injection wells. The results of the investigations suggest a potential for geothermal power development in the order of 250 MW. The first geothermal power plant is intended to deliver some 55 MW of electrical energy.


MGT MAGMA Geothermal Energy Section in 2010 SSE took over the Sabalan full field study and FDP preparation project. We have conducted numerical simulations of Sabalan geothermal reservoir using Eclipe 300 software. also MGT team offers wide range of services within geothermal reservoir exploration and development as follows:






  • Review and interpretation of existing data, data mining and desktop study
  • Geological mapping, e.g. structure, stratigraphy and thermal manifestations
  • Geophysical exploration such as resistivity, gravity, seismic and geodetic measurements
  • Geochemical sampling and analysis, geothermometry, assessment of corrosion and scaling
  • GIS services and cartography
  • Geothermal databases and data management
  • Conceptual modeling
  • Well siting and well design
  • Well site geology and drilling supervision
  • Well coring program and logging
  • Well testing and stimulation program
  • Geothermal resource evaluation for feasibility studies
  • Geothermal reservoir assessment and classification according to Geothermal Reporting Code
  • Geothermal reservoir modeling including statistical, lumped, distributed and multiphase
  • Geothermal reservoir monitoring
  • Surface runoff and groundwater modeling
  • Environmental modeling
  • Underground cold and heat storage
  • Assistance with funding applications and licensing procedures
  • Designing well tests and specifying instrumentation requirements
  • Procuring test equipment and services
  • Conducting the tests and analyzing results
  • Fluid sampling during well testing
  • Analyzing pressure transient data from hydraulically complex reservoirs
  • Integrating well test results for optimum field development


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