MAGMA provides training in all aspects of the oil industry and at all levels. Our training courses include: Reservoir engineering and simulation, drilling engineering, directional drilling, geology, geophysics, petrophysics and production engineering. Our reputation is built on the relevance and quality of our programs, with some of our courses gaining as industry standards. A key component of our success in training is relating technologies to the industry that we make it for you.

Technical Training Course
This section including Technical courses about all science in Petroleum category such as: reservoir engineering, drilling engineering, well testing, PVT, geophysics, geology, petrophysic and production engineering.

Software Training Course
The courses including training application of software in any disciplines in Petroleum engineering with a usual case in that section with some real cases in upstream and downstream Petroleum industries.

In-house Courses
Most of MAGMA courses are also available on an in-house basis. If you have more than 10 participants, we can provide customize the course topics to your university or company's training needs and goals. We do customize our in-house courses according to the training needs of our trainees, just to the benefits of our organization.



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